W e all know that pulses play a vital role in our lives. Pulses are the cheapest source of dietary proteins. The high content of protein in pulses makes the diet more nutritive for vegetarian when taken with other cooked food items. The pulses are also known for increasing productivity of soil through fixation of nitrogen from atmosphere, addition of biomass to soil and secretion of growth promoting substances. Pulses are well suited in rainfed conditions and require less farm resources, hence farmers prefer to grow them from economic point of view throughout the country. Pulses are grown globally covering large dimension of about 70.50 million hectares in area with a total production of 57.27 million tonnes. Amongst different pulse producing countries, India ranks first having 29.96% of the total pulse acreage though it contributes only 22.52% of the global pulse production. Over a dozen pulse crops are grown in the country and among these, Chickpea(Chana), Pigeonpea(Arhar), Mungbean(Moong) and Urdbean(Urd) are the most important contributing total 86%(45% of chickpea, 20% of pigeonpea, 10% of mungbean and 11% of urdbean) of production of the total pulses production. 
The main purpose of present research proposal is to provide advice on : diagnosing and controlling noxious and commonly found insect-pests and diseases, crop economics and designing schedule for irrigation and fertilization. Each pulse crop has its own management practices and cropping pattern. Farmers may not know about all the information, so they need rapid access to all the possible information and take fast decision to manage their crops effectively. In order to have a successful pulse crop and remain competitive, the modern farmers often rely on agricultural specialists to assist them in decision making. Unfortunately, pulse specialists are not always available for consultation at the nick of the time. To solve this problem, an Expert System (ES) may become a powerful tool and a dire need of the day for farmers, extension workers and Government officials.